Sunday, July 5, 2009

Miserably Warm & Smokey

I arrived back in Fairbanks in the early hours of the morning. As we got closer to Fairbanks, you can see the haze get thicker and thicker. Fire season has arrived. It was still near 80°F, a bit humid and very hazy. Horrible weather. This morning, the sky overhead was tending towards blue so after church, I took the long way home. The Nike+ gadget supposedly keeping track on the iPhone. Walking up Ballaine Road, I decided to look at a map looking for other roads in the area to add to my walk. Thirty minutes later, I looked at the phone again and the distance was still reading the same. Bug in the software I guess. I manually pause the workout and restarted and the odometer started moving again. Lost a couple of miles but now that I'm aware of the bug, I can avoid it happening again. This afternoon, the smoke started to move in again. My eyes are burning now and it is still too hot.

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