Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still Smokey

After doing a Time Machine restore, quite a few files need to be regenerated such as iPhoto thumbnails and Spotlight indexes. These seemed to take forever. I really got spoiled with the speed of the SSD. It's only been a couple of months but now the Macbook Pro seems like a real dog. Even the Dell Mini-9 feels faster. Hopefully a new version of whatever firmware comes out soon. Apparantly, there isn't a way to restore a previous version. It is still smokey in the interior due to uncontrolled fires around the state. It makes one look forward to winter. In addition to the smoke, it feels pretty warm. This is the smokey view from the University at about 8:00 AM. It is stitched together by an iPhone app called Autostitch. No user intervention required (or allowed).

Wednesday Evening - We are getting a little bit of rain this evening so I hope things cool off a bit. I walked to the Farmers Market at noon, looked around for lunch but decided that the lines were too long so I just walked back to my office. I had a 1:30 meeting anyway. I had leftover red curry in the fridge from yesterday so that was a good lunch. This evening, went on another WIN walk for a total of 8 miles of WIN walks in one day. All this for a plastic water bottle. Pretty pathetic, eh? It was a nice walk except for the temperature. It was over 90°F today. I really felt it after the evening walk, getting on all my riding gear to ride to a church meeting. It was pretty hot with the armored pants, jacket, gloves and helmet. I guess that's why some people choose to ride without all the riding gear (ATGATT). By the end of the meeting, it was raining so a nice ride home in the rain.

Another first for me was riding down a dirt road to the home where the meeting was at. As I mentioned before in this blog, I don't feel comfortable riding on gravel and this was dirt not even gravel. No problems but still felt nervous especially when I had to turn around because I missed my turn. There was also a lot of fresh asphalt and oil on another road just to add to my discomfort. Overall, I still really enjoy riding the bike and would like to take some longer trips but I really don't see any opportunity this summer.

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