Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday in Indiana

There was a severe weather warning for Indianapolis this morning. They were expecting record cold temperatures beating the old record of 75°F set in 1883. It was pleasantly cool this morning but I think that they didn't set a new record. The workshop is going pretty well today and finishes up at noon tomorrow. This evening before dinner, I went back to the fitness center to try running again since I had more time than yesterday. I ended up running 5 miles which really made me feel pretty good. Of course this is my type of running where my speed varied from 4.1 to 6 mph. I think I spent most of my time right around 5 mph. I then finished up by walking 3 more miles. Felling pretty good about it now since I still am trying to move from walking to running. It makes better use of my time. Including the walk to town, I easily made my 10 mile goal for the day!

This evening we walked downtown to have dinner and there was some sort of big celebration going on. Police everywhere on foot, bicycles, motorcycles and on horseback. Cars cruising up and down the streets with their stereos booming, lots and lots of people, lots of energy and lots of activity. Things really changed by the time we got back to the hotel located on the IUPUI campus. It was completely dead by comparison. I finally found out what the acronym stands for Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Later - After looking around the hotel, I think it is the 39th Annual Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration in Indianapolis.

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