Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Much Internet?

Maybe this is an example of too much Internet. Right now I am sitting on a shuttle between Corvallis, OR, and PDX (HUT Shuttle) and they have Internet connectivity for the 2½ hour ride to the airport. I guess it does give you something to do on the ride but it was completely unexpected. The bus I took last Thursday didn't advertise the capability. They even have outlets available to plug in your laptop while you are using their service. The last 4 days, I was supposed to be on vacation but I have to admit that I was still somewhat connected. Even though wireless wasn't available, I still had my iPhone and was checking and processing email the entire time. The chain restaurant we went to last night even offered free, open wireless connectivity for you to use while you were waiting for your order. Corvallis does have HP and OSU so maybe it isn't typical to have this level of connectivity.

I must admit that it is pretty convenient but maybe I really need a break from technology....

Later in the afternoon - Maybe I spoke too soon. The shuttle bus overheated just north of Albany and we had to wait about 30 minutes for a replacement shuttle bus on the side of I5. Then there was also a major accident just north of Salem to add additional delay, so the bus took all these side streets to bypass the traffic slowdown. I have plenty of time as my flight isn't until 5:30 so I'm enjoying the ride. Plus there is time to charge my phone since I've been using the GPS to track our progress. All this use really drains the battery.

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