Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cisco Live! (day 3)

The real highlight of today was a guest keynote by Guy Kawasaki. He is now a venture capitalist and used to be in charge of software development at Apple back in the late '80s. His talk was on 10 things to keep in mind while developing new products or services. Excellent review with many humorous references and digs at technology. The first session of the day was on wired 802.1X authentication. This is something I really would like to get set up in Barrow to replace the NetReg system that was just installed. The presenter went into the problems and issues with deployment in a typical enterprise listing the "gotchas" with various operating systems. The first afternoon session is on multicast advancements and again the focus is on the service provider market focusing on video distribution. I guess this is a really common method to deliver cable TV at this time. The last afternoon session is on multicast deployment and it was one of the best sessions here. The speaker was knew his topic well and spoke not only the the service provider side but the enterprise as well. I would like to use a lot of his material and examples in the slide deck for the multicast workshops.

Later - Not getting much walking in today either besides back and forth between Moscone West, North and South in addition to the walk down and back. This week, I'm well below my 10 mile per day average that I have been striving for. Oh well. I'll be back in Fairbanks shortly and should be able to get going again without too much trouble. I had a wonderful dinner at a sushi restaurant just around the corner from the hotel. Tempura with a small bowl of buckwheat noodles in fish broth, ikura, maguro & tako (sushi). Finished up with mochi green tea ice cream. Just about the right amount of dinner for a change. What amazes me is that the sushi here is, as expected, very good but the sushi in Barrow is just as good. Both are way better than restaurants in Fairbanks (though I still haven't tried the one near the Bentley Mall carwash.) The Cisco conference is now officially over but not quite soon enough to catch the 7:00 PM flight out so I get to stick around until tomorrow and spend some time looking around before heading back. I walked around a couple of miles after dinner. One of the frustrating things about walking around here, besides the traffic, is all the stops waiting for the light to change. I think maybe tomorrow I'll head for the water I think the area is called the Embarcadero. It is the eastern waterfront road then on to Fisherman's Wharf. I think it is only about 2½ miles each way according to Google Maps. Should be a nice way to spend the tomorrow.

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