Thursday, July 16, 2009

It is very warm here in Indianapolis. Somewhere around 85°F and a little bit muggy. This is the view from my hotel room looking towards the Campus Center on the Indiana University campus where we are holding the IPv6 workshop. Today was supposed to be set up but it didn't really happen. We have tomorrow morning to set up as well and the workshop starts at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. I really hope everything works. Chris from Ohio has confidence and I trust him. He knows what he is doing. I started looking through the slides and there are quite a few new ones and I have some homework to do.

On another note, the other instructor mentioned that he was going running outside since the weather is so nice. He is from Nebraska where it must be significantly warmer than it is here and probably a bit more humid. I guess it's all about where you're coming from. I did run three miles on the treadmill in the hotel so I did burn some calories today but nowhere near where I need to be. Especially since I missed the WIN walks yesterday! I also inadvertently walked around campus this morning looking for the Campus Center (before I knew it was across the street). I was following the road signs and they lead all around the campus on one way streets until I found myself right in front of the hotel...

Later - We walked from the hotel, which is located in the middle of the campus, to the downtown area for dinner so another three miles. I think I made my ten mile goal for today.

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