Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Global NOC

A couple of blocks from the hotel is the Indiana University GlobalNOC which provides services to Internet2, NLR and others as well as the Indianapolis and Bloomington campuses. The video wall along the back shows current utilization along circuits that they manage as well as a continuous stream of alerts and issues. Tours were conducted as part of the ESCC/Internet2 Joint Tech meetings being held here. Today, an announcement was made that the Summer 2011 meeting was being hosted by UAF. Lots of positive response from the participants. Now to try and get folks on the Fairbanks campus psyched up.

One of the really cool demos was this 42" LCD with a glass touch screen in front of it that was displaying a 3D, real time traffic information overlaid on Google Earth. You controlled the perspective and overlays by using the touch screen so you can add detail, select different networks, add weather and highways, etc. It would be nice to have something like that showing network traffic (including history) for the UA network.

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