Monday, July 6, 2009

Macbook Pro SSD Issues

Today, I re-installed the original hard drive in my Macbook Pro because it wouldn't boot from the SSD. It would do the chime thing, then the gray screen with the apple, then shut down after about 10 seconds. It boots fine from the DVD drive or an external drive and I am able to do a restore to the SSD from Time Machine. Just not boot from the drive. After some "googling" (that's now a verb), I ran into a bunch of posts referring to a firmware update on June 23rd. My problems started on June 25th and that is about when I would have done the last update. I was out of the office from the 26th though July 6th. The last successful Time Machine backup was the morning of the 25th. Anyway, 21 tiny screws later, the original 160 GB drive is installed and I'm doing a restore from my last backup after testing to see if it would actually boot. No problem. Backups are a wonderful thing....

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