Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still Raining

I mentioned last week that I had offered to lead the WIN for Alaska noontime walk here on the Fairbanks campus. Today was the day. I walked down to the lower campus bus stop (in the rain) to see if anyone was going to show up. One other person showed up and we walked about 2¼ miles in a very light rain. We avoided the ski trails to avoid the mud but the dirt road running behind Nat Sci and the museum was getting pretty muddy. Didn't get too wet. This morning, I was debating whether or not to ride the bike in and riding won out. There was a lot of water on the road but not very much traffic so it was a nice ride. I am now thinking about going on the WIN walk at 5:00pm. Maybe I will show up and at least turn in the signup form from the noontime walk.

Wednesday Evening - The rain had pretty much died down by 4:30, so I walked down to the Patty Gym where the WIN walk was going to start. I was the only one who showed up besides the WIN consultant so we went on the same route as last week except in reverse. Up the ski hill to West Ridge and into the ski trails. Down the Calypso Loop towards the farm. Past the Botanical Gardens to the road then back to Patty. It was a nice walk, right around 3 miles but I couldn't tell since the battery finally died on my Nike+ sensor. Usually, there is a low battery warning but not this time. I'm glad it didn't die during the Midnight Sun Run last Saturday. I had already purchased a replacement sensor just in case it died right before the run. It is somewhat of a hassle to get the new sensor working since you have to "pair" it with the iPod. Kind of like a Bluetooth device with no visible feedback. I.e. no lights, beeps, or display. You can't even tell if the sensor is turned on or working. Almost 2200 miles on the Nike+ site right now. If I can maintain 200 miles per month, I'll be pretty happy with my progress.

On another note, I'm still using the Dell Mini9 for just about everything. I'm using it now to type up this post. I moved the iTunes library to a 16GB SD card so it would free up space on the primary SSD drive. The Mini9 has a built in SD card slot so this seemed like a good way to use it. My iTunes library is pretty static and just fits on the card. I thought about using another one for my iPhoto library but there are a lot of RW operations with iPhoto. The solid state memory used in SD cards and SSD drives can only support a limited number of write operations. Their lifetime is still unknown.

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