Sunday, June 7, 2009


It was a really nice morning so after church today, I walked to the University. This is Ballaine Lake. I walk to this lake often and remembered that I never took a picture of it. I guess I just pass by all the time and never really noticed how picturesque it was. I then headed to Gullivers Book Store before heading up to West Ridge to do a little geocaching. There is a really nice cache just off of the ski trails that we went to first. We then went to look for one near the Welcome sign on the Parks Highway but couldn't find it. We then headed to Creamers Field but they were charging admission for some sort of kids event. We'll look for that one some other time.

We then headed up Ester Dome to look for a couple up near the top. We found both of them without too much trouble and the views of the valleys from the top are phenomenal. This is a shot towards Fairbanks from an outcrop just off of the Equinox trail. I really enjoy it up there. The bugs were out in force especially when you get off of the trails and stir up the grasses. They were especially viscous behind the university.

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