Tuesday, June 9, 2009

APC UPS Installation

Most of Yesterday and today was spent getting a new APC UPS installed in the new facility. We had two electricians, the Operation Manager from UAF, and Engineer from APC, and a UA Windows Server administrator. The installation went like clockwork. We even tested the system by transferring the system to the backup diesel generator. Went flawlessly. Since the engineer was here, we took advantage of the situation to get a problem worked out with some older APC systems that haven't worked properly for years. It turns out that sometime, they were put into maintenance mode. There was nothing wrong with them. Tomorrow, we will be moving them back to building 360 for the old server room.

After the successful UPS/generator test, we took some of the visiting staff and engineer out towards the point. Obviously, there is still some attraction to Barrow being as it is the furthest north point in Alaska. These are some baleen palm trees out towards the point at a local camping and bird hunting area about 10 miles east of town toward the point. I had taken a picture out here in the past but it was -40°F then.

The APC engineer wanted to get his picture taken in the Arctic Ocean. Kind of crazy.

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