Monday, June 1, 2009

25 Years

Today, I got recognized for sticking around the University for 25 years. I'm not quite sure where the artwork is going to go but it is sitting in my office for now. Kind of hard to bring a framed print on the bike. I took the Skarland Trail all the way to Ballaine Lake and was thinking about just going on up Yankovich Road and head back to West Ridge before I remembered that I needed to be back in time for the awards ceremony. I cut my walk short and headed back towards Wood Center before heading back up to my office. I'm not quite sure what to make of this wooden plaque (please excuse the rather poor picture from my iPhone), I mean what do you do with it? Not complaining or anything like that at all but it just struck me as odd. One thought was that it was used to identify the awards but a sticky note would do that just fine. Oh well, 25 years and probably many more.

On another note, I did make the last 10 miles to make last month (May, 2009) the month with the most mileage on the Nike+ gadget since I started with over 240 miles logged. Previously, last February was my highest. I didn't think I was even close until I looked at the stats since I haven't used the treadmill at all this month but have been doing a lot of walking outside. Even the four days in Barrow didn't do much to slow me down. I just saw the mile goals and kept making myself go for walks even if I really didn't feel up to it. Right now, I am starting to feel a bit tired of walking but need to get in shape for the Midnight Sun Run on June 20th. I don't really feel like running it but who knows. I may try...

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