Thursday, June 18, 2009

Loco Moco

I finally got the wood trim installed in the bathroom. It has been undone since I did the complete remodel about 4 years ago. Nothing like procrastinating. It turned out about as I expected. There is a octagonal stained glass window with a home made jambs where the angles were exactly 45° so the trim doesn't have a consistent reveal all the way around. The miter saw I have had a detent at 22.5° so I couldn't really adjust for all of the off angles. I guess it looks alright but one of the reasons for procrastinating is that I wouldn't be able to get it just right.

The bib pickup for the Midnight Sun Run turned out to be last week and not today like I had thought. I guess I wouldn't have been able to pick it up anyway since I was still in Barrow last week. Tomorrow is a staff picnic/potluck at Pioneer Park with a Hawaiian theme. I am thinking about bringing Spam Loco Moco but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it "pot luck" style as opposed to individual servings. I had originally volunteered to bring macaroni & cheese (with Spam) but I thought that a themed dish would be better. This is one dish I really like though it is not very healthy. Too much fat and carbs. In case you aren't familiar with Loco Moco, it is white rice, some protein, a fried egg, then the whole mess covered with brown gravy. The protein is typically a burger patty but I like the fried Spam version better. Popular lore says that it was initially developed to feed hungary teenagers as cheaply as possible.

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