Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Geocaching

We went geocaching again today and bagged seven caches around Fairbanks. Dropped off a travel bug and picked a couple up. I will be heading out to North Pole Wednesday evening so that would be a good chance to drop them off where they will be picked up by tourists leaving the state. I think the goal is to cover as much distance as they can. The mosquitoes were pretty bad where there wasn't any wind and we learned of a new micro-cache container. I guess this is a popular cache container in cities and it is a small metal cylinder about ½" in diameter with a strong magnet at one end. They are painted to match the metal they are stuck to. Unscrew one end, and you find a scroll of paper on which you can log your visit. Pretty cool. One of the caches we visited last week had one of these and we actually found it but didn't recognize it as the cache.

Not much walking this weekend. I had wanted to enter the Mosquito Meander 5k but forgot about it until I saw some people wearing the t-shirts at the local Farmers Market. My iPod Nano had some real problems today as it refused to shut off. I did a "restore" which basically wiped everything out and it looks like it's working again.

I did get the shocks and springs installed on the bike which should end the bottoming out on the frost heaves. The replacements aren't the same as the original equipment but use conventional springs and gas shocks. There is a special wrench to adjust the tension of the spring to match the load. The disadvantage is that now the bike sits up higher and my feet barely reach the ground. This will take some getting used to. When I originally purchased the bike, I was amazed that I could reach the ground. Now I know why. The springs were worn out. I'll try them out tomorrow on "Ride to Work Day".

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