Monday, June 29, 2009

My New "GS"

Apple iPhone 3GS, that is. The Office of Information Technology at the University finally came out with a cell phone reimbursement policy. As part of the process, I need to turn in my University purchased cell phone which happened to be a first generation iPhone. The good thing is that it was purchased outright and not as part of a contract so i just had to go online, enter my phone number and was automatically pre-approved. I just needed to pick up my iPhone. Since I am in San Francisco for the Cisco Live Conference, I stopped by the Apple store on Stockton Street, waited in a short line, and picked it up.

One of the features of the 3GS is a built-in Nike+ receiver so I don't have to carry around the iPod Nano just for the Nike+ feature.It took a while to figure out how to turn on the feature as it wasn't really obvious. I'll try it out on the walk to Moscone Center tomorrow morning. I think my session starts at 8:00 so I'm not sure what to do for breakfast. There are a bunch of other new features but the best one is the speed. There was many times when the old phone just ground to a halt and had to be rebooted. Too many new features and not enough memory. Even though it had 8 GB, the operating system itself ran in just 128 MB. The new one doubles that to 256 MB. I'm anxious to try out the new 3 megapixel camera with more control over focus and exposure than the original iPhone.

So far, the Dell Mini9 is working like a charm. I was able to activate the new phone and restore from a backup of the original iPhone. I'm using the Hawking external antenna since I was having difficulty accessing the hotel wireless this afternoon. The phone connected just fine so I should probably try it again.

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