Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0

The new 3.0 software for the iPhone was released today so, naturally, I immediately synched my phone to get the new software. Painless upgrade on my old non-3G phone. The feature that I have been waiting for is cut and paste and it works just like you would expect it to. I turned on the "find my iPhone" feature to see how it works on a non-gps phone. I can't test the feature since the MobileMe site won't come up probably due to load on their servers. I think a lot of people have been waiting for this upgrade to provide some of the features that should have been there from the beginning. The search function works great especially since you can (finally) now search email.

Wednesday Afternoon - Today at noon, I went on the WIN for Alaska walk which started from the Wood Center bus stop. The small group wound around on the ski trails up to the Natural Science building before heading back to lower campus via the trail to the Chapman Building. Afterwards, I still had some time left on my extended lunch hour, so I walked back along my now regular route to Ballaine Lake and the Skarland Trail to the West Ridge warmup hut before heading back to my office. Next Wednesday, I get to lead the noon walk since all of the WIN folks will be in Anchorage for some sort f meeting. Now my Nike+ account is showing 507 workouts totaling 2116 miles. A 4 mile per workout average doesn't sound too bad. I though that I may be too tired to go on the walk after yesterdays 14 mile trip but this morning, I felt fine. There is another WIN walk at 5:00 pm that I plan on going on. The question is whether I ride the bike to lower campus or just leave the bike here and walk down. It may be easier to walk down and not have to be concerned about storing all the riding gear.

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