Thursday, June 4, 2009


Another warm one today. 80°F at noon. I had heard that the food from the new falafel stand, located in the parking lot of what used to be the Plywood Supply Building, was pretty authentic from someone here at work so I figured it was worth a shot. I had the falafel pita and it was very tasty. Lots of fresh veggies, hummus and tahini sauce all served in a Pita bread with about a half dozen falafel. The menu is pretty limited, as are their hours, but if the line of people waiting is any indication of their success, they should be around for a while. I was initially concerned about the deep fried falafel, but they didn't taste greasy at all. I walked back along the now familiar route before heading back to my office of Ballaine Lake and the Skarland Trail up to the warm up hut next to the IARC Building. Total distance for this trip was 5.02 miles averaging 15' 32" per mile. Good enough considering the temperature. I still need to bring in some shorts or something because wearing jeans these days while walking outside is almost unbearably warm. This time, I didn't go around the T-Field since it was so warm.

Yesterday, I followed the same route but went down to lower campus twice. The second time to get a haircut. (twice a year whether I need it or not...)

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