Thursday, June 25, 2009

I didn't ride the bike today since I needed to pick up new countertops that we ordered at Spenard Builders Supply. They are just Formica and not some of the cool solid materials currently popular but they still should make a significant improvement in the appearance of our kitchen. I guess I know what I well be doing over the 4th of July weekend. Because of this, I didn't ride my motorcycle in to work today. It figures that this was the first clear, sunny day we've had all week. To make matters worse, I needed to find a suitable place in the garage to store the countertop until I can get it installed and it is blocking the bike in. I guess that will ensure that it gets installed in a timely manner.

On another note, I just received more VoIP stuff to work on. One of the items is an appliance called a PhoneBochs that comes preinstalled with Trixbox software. I believe that this is a version of Asterisk Now. I used this software at a Texas A&M workshop back in February and I was pretty impressed by it's flexibility and ease of management. If this works out like I believe it will, I will be ordering a couple more to deploy in Barrow. This will replace the combination of OpenSER and Asterisk that I am currently using. I also received a couple of WLAN SIP phones since wireless phones are a requested upgrade. The last item is a small box that I should be able to use to allow dial in access to the building paging system. Plenty of things to keep me busy....

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