Thursday, January 10, 2008

Walking hurts?

During the last week, I did a fair amount of walking on the treadmill (and some outside) and I am starting to feel a little sore in my hip joints. I didn't walk much at all on Tuesday or Wednesday so hopefully it isn't a problem today. When jogging, I occasionally feel twinges in my ankles and that usually causes me to stop immediately since it any injury isn't worth the few extra miles.

This evening, I ran for five miles on the treadmill then walked a couple more miles to cool down. I think that I may be able to do the Midnight Sun Run this summer. I already knew that I would be able to walk it but now, maybe, I can actually run it! At the end of 5 miles, I wasn't breathing hard, not tired or sore but just started to walk to avoid any sort of injury. I'm pretty happy. Maybe next week I'll try for 6 miles of running or maybe I should lower the distance and increase the speed. I'm still somewhat surprised since I never thought I would ever enjoy running. I haven't lost any more weight for the last month or so but we did just go through the holiday season. Still holding at 45 lbs lost. At least I'm not gaining!

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