Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The last couple of days have seen some renewed motivation. I went to Chena Hot Springs last Wednesday and felt much better. No more sore joints so I think I've averaged almost eight miles per day since last Friday. I've managed to pick up an additional place to 13th in the one "beginner" challenge. Thirty miles to pick up another place (200 miles to catch first place.) I'm pretty sore this evening and I may take a day off but that is what I said yesterday. About 9:00 last night, I thought about walking a couple of miles on the treadmill to relax and ended up walking/jogging over four miles... And this was on a day that I didn't feel like walking. This morning, I had a meeting on lower campus and felt compelled to walk a circuitous route in spite of the cool temperatures and moderate breeze. It was nice to get outside instead of just on the treadmill..


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