Friday, January 4, 2008

Freshly motivated

After yesterdays posting, I felt motivated enough to jog a bit over 10k. Well, my pace is slower than most runners but faster than I normally walk. The treadmill indicated 4-5 mph for the first 4 miles then I started alternating between jogging and walking. I'll have to upload the Nike+ log to see how much I actually did walk. I've walked this distance many times but have never tried it at this faster pace. The new goal is to increase my speed. About 27 years ago, I took a climbing class that had "finish a 10k in under 1 hour" as a prerequisite. I entered a local race and really pushed myself trying to keep up with everyone and ended up finished in 43 minutes. I've never run before this event (or since!) and just did it to get into the class. I think getting my time under an hour would be an ambitious goal at this point in my life but it probably is achievable.

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