Friday, January 25, 2008

Back home

Well back in Fairbanks again and time to start using the treadmill again. Even though it was hot and humid earlier this week, it was still nice to be able to walk outside. I think I ended up walking over 20 miles back and forth to the meetings. I still don't really enjoy walking around in areas where there is a lot of traffic, but still, it is more interesting than a walking on a treadmill. Unfortunately, I did not feel the least bit motivated to do anything on the treadmill last night. All I felt like doing was sleeping.

This evening, I tried to make up for slacking off yesterday and walked a bit over 7 miles. I feel ill now but not from walking. I tried jogging but had difficulty going for more than about half a mile at a time. I haven't really jogged for a couple of weeks due to travelling. Time to get back to it...

Saturday evening - I tried jogging again this evening but had difficulty going for more than about 10 minutes at a time. I guess everytime I go out of town I'll have to essentially start over again. How do people stay in shape? I did end up walking/jogging about 5 miles this evening. I'm still watching TV so I should be walking but felt that I needed to pause and eat something for dinner even though I'm not the least bit hungry. Now I feel ill again. I don't know why I even bother eating dinner since I usually feel sick afterwards.

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