Saturday, January 26, 2008


I have been using an iPhone to do most of the posting to this blog for the last week. So far, just about all of what I normally use a laptop for, this phone has been able to do. On my last work trip, the only thing I used my laptop for was to post pictures to this blog and to submit my PGP public key to a website for the key signing. I also used my laptop to sign the other keys but that could have waited until I got back home. The lack of feedback on the keyboard doesn't seem to bother me but I then again, I can't type anyway. The auto correct feature more than compensates for the lack of tactile feedback. If I had set up a photo site ahead of time, I would have been able to post a picture I took as well.

The battery doesn't seem to last long but then again I'm using it for much more than I normally use a phone for. The inability to add applications is a real short coming compared to my last smart phone, a Palm Treo 650. I used the Palm for several years and it's main shortcomings was the lack of 802.11 wireless, inability to run multiple applications and the clunky email and web browser. The upcoming release of a SDK for the iPhone promises a lot of applications. So far I really like this phone and may try leaving the laptop at home on my next trip. Another serious shortcoming is the inability to cut and paste.

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