Monday, January 21, 2008

No excuses

The hotel is three miles from the University and breakfast is served at 7:30. I have plenty of time to walk if I get up about 6:00 or so. There is a one hour time difference so it should be easy. In other words, I have no excuse for not getting plenty of exercise. BTW, this is the view from my hotel room.

Monday evening - I walked to the UH campus from the hotel and it was 3.45 miles but the route I took was the one suggested by my gps which was optimized for driving. There are a number of one way roads and after studying a map, I came up with a route that is only 2.8 miles. I'll try that one tomorrow. The micro-climates around here is pretty interesting. When I left the hotel this morning, it was clear. It started raining about half way to the university and there were many showers throughout the day with the sun shining.

Tuesday morning - Walked to the campus again this morning along a different route that should have been shorter. But I made a wrong turn and I ended up on the same road as yesterday.No rain but it was still dark since today sessions started earlier than yesterdays. The focus for today is on applications so it isn't as interesting as yesterdays discussion on IPv6, routing and multicast. There is a lot of discussion on dynamic circuits which we cannot do at the University of Alaska due to inadequate infrastructure.

Tuesday afternoon - The sessions were more on specific applications so the sessions were pretty interesting. One session on IP telephony and a whole series on security. I walked down to the UH bookstore after lunch but nothing jumped out at me.

Tuesday evening - Walked 5.1 miles (according to my gps) this evening from the UH campus back to the hotel via a shopping mall. I didn't do much shopping since it was a lot farther from the hotel than I thought. There was a reception this evening followed by a PGP key signing. The food was okay but nothing spectacular. I guess I won't be getting any sushi this trip beyond the California rolls they had at the reception. Well tomorrow I head back to Fairbanks on a late night flight after a full day of meetings.

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