Thursday, January 3, 2008

A slow start to the New Year

Since the new year started, I've run only once and only for a couple of miles. I'm not getting winded or sore from the running but just tired. Drinking water really helps but I still get tired out. I used to be able to walk a couple of hours on the treadmill but these days, going beyond 4-5 miles is a real challenge. Maybe I'll get some miles in this evening.

I still haven't heard when the new version of the StartWalking program is going to start. I'm not sure if it will provide any additional motivation than the Nike+ program provides, but I need any/all that I can get. I've entered about 8 contests but don't think I have a chance of winning any of them due to the sheer numbers of entrants. I think I still have a chance of getting into the top 10 of the one beginner challenge since there is only about 30 miles between 14th and 10th. Almost 200 miles to first...

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