Monday, January 28, 2008

Feeling Better

I walked/jogged 5 miles this evening at a pace of 12:30/mile. A little bit faster and I won't be able to enter the beginner challenges on the Nike+ site. Most of them say that you will be booted if you jog faster than a 12 minute mile. I know that this pace is pretty slow but for me, it is a real accompaniment. I wasn't able to run continuously but pretty much a couple of miles followed by walking for a bit followed by more running. I even ran 1/2 mile at an under 10 minute mile pace. Now, I'm tired but not sore. In fact, after resting for a while, I considered (for a very short time) adding an additional couple of miles on the treadmill before turning in. Maybe I'm psyching myself up for the new program.

I just read through a flyer for the WIN program and noticed an error in the heartrate-max calculation. Because of the way the original formula was broken down, a sign error turned up. The formula used is much better than the traditional one that usually gives a max that is too low. The correct formula is:
  • Heartrate-max = 210 - (age / 2) - (weight * 0.05) (+ 4 if male)
The traditional formula:
  • Heartrate-max = 220 - age
For me, the traditional formula gives 169 and the revised formula gives 179. Using, the old formula, I've exercised at my maximum heart rate before. I think the other formula gives a better range, at least for me. I am usually at about 75% while jogging and if I do intervals, I range from 70% to 90%.

Wednesday evening - I got a call from the WIN for Alaska folks thanking me for pointing out the error. Who else but one obsessed with exercise would be up at 1:00 am reading a flyer on exercisig and testing a formula for maximum heart rate. The phrase "get a life" comes to mind for some reason. I haven't carried my pedometer for months but I suspect the daily step count will be down significantly.

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