Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Chehalis, WA - TT and Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park

Sunday - There is a possibility of moving sites tomorrow morning as those in the two sites next to us are leaving. Both of those sites have sewer connections which would allow us to use the onboard washing machine. That would be convenient as we will be here for another couple of weeks. So, I packed up most of the outside stuff this evening. We could be ready to move in about 15 minutes. Just put in the slides and disconnect from water and power. 

Monday - Success! It looks like the last site but it does have a sewer connection. This allows us to use water without concern about the grey and black tank levels. It's not really needed but it's more convenient. This is the same space we’ve been in the last couple of times we’ve been here. This site is a little more level than the last one. We are almost level front to back and it is much more comfortable. I may order another set of leveling blocks for locations such as this.

After getting everything set up around the site, I joined the afternoon test session. The AT&T bandwidth is good for download but kind of dismal upload. It's good enough for these test sessions as long as I turn off my video if I need to talk.

 - Today we headed into Mt. Rainier Natl Park. It was kind of crowded especially if you were looking for a parking spot at one of the trail heads or the visitors center. The clerk in the gift shop said that this was nothing compared to the weekend crowds. 

We went on a couple of short hikes when we could find parking. This was the trail above Christine Falls. This series of small falls was about a quarter of a mile, mostly uphill, from the parking area. 

We made it up to Paradise Visitors Center which is around 5,000’ elevation. Good view of the mountain. The video says that many visitors never even see the peak so this was a good day. 

We then headed back down and stopped at Longmire and went to the museum and the store to pick up a refrigerator magnet. Then headed back to the RV. 

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