Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Leavenworth, WA

Wednesday - No rain in the forecast so we headed into Leavenworth this morning. Bridget had purchased a ticket on the mountain coaster so that was the first stop. We then wandered over to the local museum to learn about the town history. 

Due to the railroad rerouting, the town had to re-invent itself and they settled on a Bavarian theme. Ordinances were passed to create a consistent look to the town. Everyone had to do it on their own dime.

The makeover was a success and it is a very popular tourist destination being only two hours from Seattle. Lots of restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops, and gift shops. 

Even Starbucks conforms to the rules. As does Safeway, Napa, multiple gas stations, and motels. Many have murals on the sides and back. 


  1. Neat town, did anyone greet you with "Grüß Gott"?

    1. Not that I know of. It was a cool town. I heard that it gets really crowded on weekends but in the middle of the week, it was pretty nice.

  2. Knowing the real deal (I mean Bavarian villages) Leavenworth seems a bit too Disney for me. But we also went there a few times due to very authentic German cuisine. Cheers, SonjaM