Sunday, August 6, 2023

Skookumchuck, WA

Friday - We drove north to visit some RV friends and there was a nice sculpture park nearby. The Monarch Sculpture Park and Art Center. 

There are multiple trails through the almost ten acres that make up the park. No admission charge and free water at the gallery. There is a bicycle trail that runs all the way back to Olympia. 

 - Yesterday, my Amazon box arrived with something I’ve been procrastinating about for several years. An RV water softener. It’s rated for approximately 1000-2000 gallons before needing to be recharged. What prompted this addition is the calcium buildup on the plumbing fixtures including the washing machine and the macerating toilet. Both of which are rather expensive to replace. 

All that needed to be done is flushing it out for 4-6 minutes then connecting it inline to the fresh water inlet. I will drain the water tank and partially refill it with the “softened” water. 

This afternoon, we went back to Snowbird Cidery located north west of Centralia. 

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