Friday, August 25, 2023

Corvallis, OR

Wednesday - I have a few projects in the queue and plan to finish at least three today. Since I need to remove and apply some Dicor on the roof, I need it to be dry and at least 70°F. By late morning, it was in the mid-70s, and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather.

When we were in Chehalis, a low branch knocked off the vent cover for the grey tank. This time, I'm trying a different model which is supposed to pull fumes out of the tank. There wasn't much to remove from the old vent beyond the base, which was held with six screws and some Gorilla glue. This one has three screws into the side of the vent pipe and plenty of Dicor self-leveling sealant. It's supposed to spin around with the vent opening down-wind, so to speak.

The next project was a broken screen door latch. It is just cheap, brittle plastic, but it's hard to find a replacement like most RV parts. I tried super glue but it didn't hold with the plastic. I then used marine epoxy not only on the broken surfaces but on the outside of the plastic. Essentially, it adds a little more material to support the break.

The third fix for the day was the living room slide. The tape on the bottom had started to shred from rubbing on the floor when moving the slide. I don't think there exists a good slide mechanism. Just about every RV has had slide issues. 

Thursday - I had thought about replacing the Progressive Industries EMS, the 50amp surge protector, today but with the warm temperatures, I put it off to some time when we weren't going to rely on the A/C. I think today's high was in the mid-80s (°F).

My errand for the day was to get the Jeep oil changed. I had tried to schedule it at the dealer in Corvallis, then the dealer in Wenatchee but in both cases, the next appointment was weeks out. We still have one free oil change left but that can be the one at 36k miles. I just had it changed at Quik Lube here in Corvallis. 

We met up with former motobloggers Ron and Kari for dinner. Time went by quickly and several hours passed by before I knew it. It was great to see them again.

 - Today’s project was replacing the Progressive Industries EMS. It’s been installed for almost four years and started having issues last January. No problems when plugged into a 30amp or 50amp RV power. The input connection is from the cord reel and the output goes to the transfer switch. The replacement took around two hours as the reel had to be removed. 


  1. I use the same vent device for my black water tank. It functions nicely as a wind vane too.

    1. It seems to have resolved a grey tank smell when we are driving. So I may change the other one as well.

  2. So much fun to get together with you both! Look forward to seeing you next time you pass through. This is Kari btw, silly phone app won’t let me sign in to blogger.