Friday, August 11, 2023

Portland, OR

Thursday - This morning, we drove south to Portland to meet up with family and do a bit of shopping. The first stop was an RV furniture shop in Woodland, WA. We then went to the Ikea near the airport to have lunch and look at couches. We then went to my cousins home and had a wonderful visit. We walked to a local, neighborhood Italian restaurant for dinner. I had a spicy, thin crust pizza (with anchovies!) and it was fabulous. Plus, there are leftovers!

On the way out of Portland near the waterfront, we went through this area with a lot of old RVs parked surrounded by a lot of trash. I guess this is the new normal...

Friday - Still in Chehalis TT for several more days. We went to visit friends in Centralia for homemade chicken paella. It came out wonderful!

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