Monday, August 14, 2023

Chehalis, WA - TT

Sunday - The temperature forecast for today is hot so we took a walk in the morning. At least morning-ish (before noon). There were a few trails so we weren’t just walking on the roads. Lots of trees and ferns along the path. There were several berry bushes but they still needed a few more weeks. 

This campground is pretty large with a lot of water/30A sites but t almost all of them slope down towards the back. With a towable, it’s less of an issue than a drivable RV as you can easily lower the front of a trailer or 5th wheel. Raising the back of a motor home is more challenging. Plus, your parking brake is on the rear axle so those tires need to be solidly on the ground. 

The rear A/C unit has a SoftStart but the front unit is stock. Both units are running right now and are drawing 27 amps combined. We are plugged into a 30 amp outlet. Not too shabby. After installing the new front A/C, I noticed that it was doing the staggered start just like the SoftStart A/C. So no modification is needed!

Monday - Yesterday, we asked Russ, another RVer who used to own a windshield shop, to come by and take a look at the RV windshield. He noticed that the upper corners were coming out. You could see the edge of the glass on the passenger side and the rubber had pulled back from the fiberglass cap on the driver's side. We called Jeff, the glass guy who repaired it last winter, and we are heading to his shop in Junction City tomorrow morning. Bummer... 

We started getting things packed up and ready to move today.


  1. Hope the further windshield work proves easy.

    1. Already finished. We are in his parking lot overnight so the urethane can set.