Thursday, August 10, 2023

Chehalis, WA - TT

Tuesday - Another day, another repair. I removed the shower door as the glass had slid down in its aluminum channel and the door was difficult to operate. It’s been this way for a while and it wasn’t until recently that I noticed that the edge of the glass was visible. It turned out to be a simple repair only needing the dead-blow mallet to coax things back in place before screwing the door back together. A lot of time was spent removing broken screws. They must source RV screws from the same place as Ural. The heads broke off on about half a dozen screws. But it’s back together now and the door operates better than it ever has in the last four years. 

Two more Amazon orders came today. One are these SS windscreens for the Blackstone griddle. Even a little wind will cool the steel cooking surface from below as it blows the gas flame around. The windscreen goes covers both sides and the back and uses strong magnets to attach to the cooktop. 

The second item were another set of leveling blocks. Just two blocks under each rear tire uses almost one set of blocks leaving an insufficient number to put under the jacks. For sites such as these in Chehalis, we needed blocks under the rear jacks as well as the tires due to the really sloping sites. 

Wednesday - A drizzly, cool day today. Almost enough to turn on the heat pump. By mid-afternoon it was into the low 70s (°F). The water softener is working well and we seem to need much less soap. Hopefully, our fixtures will last longer. Other than that not much to report. 

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