Sunday, August 27, 2023

Corvallis, OR to Yakima, WA

Saturday - I participated in the early test session, still using the RV park's free WiFi. It works well enough and even supported HD streaming last night. The Zoom testing session had a few hickups but it only happened to those using Starlink. The test candidate was a full time RVer somewhere in the midwest and was taking the test in his motorhome.

Today is our last full day in this RV park. Tomorrow we head north back into Washington state before starting to head east and back into Canada.

I went for a walk this afternoon as the National Park Challenge seemed to be an easy one. And the virtual award seemed kinda cool. I ended up walking down to and through the OSU campus.

 - Today was a travel day. About 250 miles to a Harvest Host near Yakima, WA. It is hot here and, fortunately, we can run the generator and both A/C units. There were some steep climbs out of the Columbia River Gorge and the RV overheated enough to necessitate pulling over and running the engine at a high idle for a few minutes. We did this several times. 

The HH is a winery with a nice, fairly level lot for RVs to park. We did ask both the owner as well as the other RVers about running our generator for the afternoon and evening. They were planning to do the same thing so it wasn’t an issue. 


  1. So the overheating episodes, expected? Just the steepness of the road?

    1. I was hoping that replacing the hydraulic fan motor and adding an auxiliary electric fan would resolve the overheating. The road was steep and temps were in the upper 90s.