Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Leavenworth, WA - TT

 - We are at the TT park north of Leavenworth, WA, which is a German-themed town on the eastern slopes of the Cascades. More steep grades today but we unhooked the Jeep partway through the drive. It was a little better without the Jeeps but coolant temperatures were still getting up to 228°F by the top of some of the grades. The picture was taken at the winery where we stayed last night. Nice quiet location. 

We arrived at the TT park at 12:15PM and Bridget drove the Jeep in to find a site. She found a nice site with 50amp (and sewer!) so we are able to run everything including both A/C units. As today was ~90°+, that was a nice find. No OTA television but AT&T speeds are decent with the WeBoost. 

 - We have rain today and the high is only forecast to be in the mid-60s. Quite a change from yesterday. The sites on each side of us are seasonal or annual and currently empty. So it'll be pretty quiet. The tree is preventing our awning from going out all the way but it shouldn't be an issue due to the trees. The passenger side of the RV is pointed NE so there shouldn't be a lot of sun.

I went ahead and volunteered to lead a test session this morning and it went great. Enough bandwidth so there weren't any audio glitches. And the candidate did fantastic. I also participated in the afternoon session and AT&T held up again. 

It’s been a while since I checked fluid levels on the RV engine. It was low on engine oil and hydraulic fluid. The coolant level seemed fine but I added a bit more. It’s been around 4k miles since the oil and filters were changed in San Antonio but it’s been hard to schedule service in the PNW. Maybe the low hydraulic fluid could contribute to overheating as the engine fan is driven by the hydraulic pump. 

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