Friday, July 28, 2023

Chehalis, WA - TT

Tuesday - We are back “on the road”. Okay, we only went 23 miles but it’s the thought that counts. We are back at the Chehalis TT for a couple of weeks (as far as I know) and are in a 30amp/water site so we need to watch our water and power use. 

Wednesday - A nice, cool morning. Hopefully, it continues to stay cooler for a while though the forecast for Centralia is claiming temperatures around 90°F by the weekend. We are in the section of the Chelalis TT that has some cellular signal and the upload speed is kind of marginal. I'm trying out Zoom in the morning test session.

At 3pm, the temperature was up to 78°F. We just got back from a grocery re-stocking run to Costco and Fred Meyer. Quite a lot of groceries and I’m glad we have the portable refrigerator/freezer. It is easily one of the best items we picked up for the RV. 

Thursday - Another test session this morning and the upload speed is less than half of what it was yesterday. As long as I'm not leading, I have my video and audio muted so it's not really an issue. It was 70°F by the time the test session ended. 

Friday - The Internet was really spotty this morning for the test session. The SpeedTest site said that I had 16 Mbps download but the Zoom video was like one frame every 5 sec. I tried to pair with the phone for Internet but it said that I needed to install an update. That is attempting to download right now.

Later - Now, it says that the update is no longer available. I guess there must've been a problem with it. It is a warm 76°F this afternoon during the later test session. It felt pretty nice sitting outside. Had the same flaky video behavior as this morning but it wasn't until the test actually started. Poor timing...

I went to the pool and hot tub this morning between the two test sessions. The pool was pretty cool and the hot tub had water jets but no bubbles. Not ideal . But the shower by the pool was much nicer than the one here near our site.

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