Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Marsh Lake to Coal River to Fort St John (almost) - Day 3 and 4

Tuesday - Today was another 330+ mile day. We stopped to top off the tank at Teslin as Watson Lake was just a little bit further than the “range” shown on the dash. After a gas/lunch stop in Watson Lake, we continued on to the Coal River Lodge now being run by Coal River Services. The newly remodeled rooms are clean and comfortable. 

There was quite a bit of smoke as indicated by the air quality map above. It looks like tomorrow morning will be especially bad but it should improve as we head further south. 

Wednesday  - This was a long day and, in my opinion, one of the most boring sections of the highway. There are some really scenic areas such as Muncho Lake.

We did pass a herd of bison shortly after leaving in the morning. Other animals were multiple black bear, four fox, rock sheep, and one very mangy looking caribou. 

Tonight’s stop is a motel called The Shepherds Inn. The forecast was for smoke but it’s not too bad. 

The “side” with tonights dinner was poutine! First one on this trip…


  1. Hi Richard, that looks like a really nice road trip, the scenery is stunning, even the boring bits. - David, (Google has become astonishingly difficult of late)

    1. Hi David! Actually, it’s a pretty nice drive. At least the northern part is. Now that we are in Alberta, it’s just ranch and farm land.