Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Helena, MT to Centralia, WA

Monday - A long travel day. Around 640 miles in 11½ hours including stops. The wind going across WA from Spokane until we turned south towards Yakima were very strong gusting to ~40mph according to the Weather app. And we were driving right into it. Fortunately, as soon as we headed south the wind disappeared. 

We arrived back at the RV around 6pm and I took some time checking things out. For some reason the GFCI outlets didn’t work. After messing around with them for a while, I just switched the chassis battery charger and portable fridge/freezer to another outlet. I also turned on the RV refrigerator. It took a couple of hours to cool down (34°F and -3°F) but I didn’t feel like moving stuff back. 

- This morning, the GFCI outlets all worked. I hate it when things are intermittent. My tasks today were clean out the Jeep, re-install the back seat, move Bridget’s e-bike, unload the portable fridge into the RV, re-install the portable fridge into the basement storage. I started the RV and let the air bags refill just to make sure everything still works. 

I had filled the fresh water tank with a dilute bleach solution to sanitize the tank and the water I lines. I drained the tank this afternoon and will fill and drain to rinse out the bleach solution. Then refilled with about 35 gal of water and flushed out the water lines. 

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