Sunday, July 16, 2023

Back to the U.S. - Helena, MT

Saturday - After a wonderful breakfast in a railroad car, we headed south. We crossed at Sweetgrass and there were around 10 cars ahead of us. Only a few questions. 

We passed through a small town called Vulcan. They embraced the Star Trek story. As evidenced by these pictures. 

I’m not sure what else there is but we’ll explore more when we are back in September. 

Montana is really flat and it’s pretty warm at 85°F. At least we are out of the smoke. 

 - We went for a ride today. I unloaded the Ural yesterday and we rode ~90 miles to a small restaurant for lunch with a Montana BMW group. Kevin brought his GSA w/DMC Expedition sidecar and Annie rode her F800GS w/DMC sidecar. The F800 had a leading link front suspension.

It felt great to ride a longer distance but I definitely needed some Ibuprofen when we returned. It was pretty warm today with a high in the mid-90s. 

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  1. I remember Vulcan in Southern Alberta... we visited just because of the name ;-). Cheers, SonjaM