Friday, July 21, 2023

Corbett, OR

Thursday - Today, we left the RV at our friends home and drove the Jeep to Menucha. It’s a retreat center that my mom’s side of the family has been having reunions for about 25-30 years. 

This is the main meeting room and it is now air conditioned! Quite welcome with the 85°F afternoon temperatures. This picture was taken just after we arrived.

Friday - The reunion continues. There hasn’t been a reunion since 2017 due to Covid. So it is nice to see relatives again. There are essentially two families having reunions but I’ve known them since I was a child as they are the other side of my uncle’s family. This is the view looking west towards Portland. The trees are a little taller since our last visit. 

And this is the view looking east from the deck of the swimming pool. The yellow circle is showing Crown Point aka Thor’s Crown, a popular tourist stop overlooking the Columbia River. 

One of the most popular activity is making sushi. All of the ingredients are prepared and participants choose whatever ingredients they would like. 

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