Thursday, July 6, 2023

Getting Ready to Head South

Tuesday - Yesterday evening was another Airhead get-together aka “barley therapy”. It was a much lighter turnout than last month and the light sprinkle wasn’t enough to be concerned about. The Ural is still running wonderfully. 

Today was more trash and Value Village drop-offs. Plus more electronics to take to electronics recycling tomorrow (they are closed today). The garage is almost done. A few boxes of stuff are being saved for the next garage sale. Sometime next year, that is. 

I installed eyebolts on the trailer so I could tie down a tarp over the stuff packed underneath the sidecar. Only five more days…

Wednesday - Just some more running around today. I dropped off some more electronics at the recycling place and an archery target at a friend's home. The weight and size of the target on the rear rack of the Ural slowed it down. Especially on the hills. Tomorrow, I'll probably load it up on the trailer and start packing the containers. I spent the afternoon shuffling the contents of the containers depending on if we may need access to the contents during the trip. 

Thursday - We had an engineer come in to do an inspection of the house so that we wouldn't be surprised when it's time to sell. There weren't too many surprises. 

I stopped by to meet the guys for coffee for a bit. It would be the last time this year so I wanted to say farewell. After coffee, I loaded the Ural onto the trailer and packed all of the containers onto the trailer; I think that it'll make it down though I do need a couple more bungee cords to keep the tarp from flapping too much. I was originally planning to remove the windshield but I think it is less likely to get damaged when installed on the bike. Less chance of getting scratched. It's inside the garage now since it started to sprinkle while I was loading the Ural. Fairbanks summer weather...

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  1. Wow, that garage looks pretty much cleared out! Safe travels southwards...