Monday, May 31, 2021

Day 78 - Still on the Ferry

We arrived in Ketchikan this morning. It was pretty wet outside so the town was living up to its reputation. I believe the scheduled departure time is 11am so we have several hours here. Too bad you aren’t allowed to get off and wander around a bit. That is currently prohibited due to Covid. 

I had turkey dinner in the cafe and it was pretty good. Especially since they let me sub rice for the mashed potatoes. Rice with gravy is still a comfort food. The food isn’t spectacular but it’s not bad either. I brought breakfast, lunch, and some snacks with me.

This was taken yesterday evening around 9 or so. The days are definitely getting longer. There are 120 passengers on board so still only about ¼  of their capacity. Though the car deck is full so I don’t think that is any different. Just fewer walk-on passengers. There are a couple of guys getting off here with their sea kayaks. Lots of camping gear. I heard that they were planning on spending the summer cruising around southeast.

I don’t remember the last time I was in Ketchikan but it was over 15 years. It doesn’t look much different. The are allowing people to go into the terminal but not able to leave into town. And it’s still early in the morning. Tomorrow, we arrive in Juneau at about the same time. 


  1. Richard, I thought the name sounded familiar and was genuinely shocked to see that it was 2014 when we were there as part of our trip through Alaska and Canada. There are some truly magnificent places in the world and Alaska is one of them.

    1. 2014! That was a while back. The ferry is a relatively cheap way to travel in the southeast. At least without a vehicle. BTW, they now charge as much for a motorcycle as a small car…