Saturday, May 8, 2021

Day 54, 55 - Medford, OR

Friday (54)
 - Another short driving day from Redding to Central Point, OR. The mooch-docking opportunity didn’t work out as the parking site was a bit too un-level for this RV. Fortunately, Bridget found a site, the last one available, at the Southern Oregon RV Park next to the Fairgrounds. It is really nice. The RV parks around Medford are full of FEMA trailers to house people displaced by the fires. The screenshot above shows our peak wattage at 512watts. A bit closer to the 630watt specification. 

Saturday (55)
 - Quite the temperature change from just a few days ago! I switched from the heat pump to the propane furnace in the middle of the night. From the forecast, this cold spell is short lived. Just a few days ago, it was 90°+ here in Medford.  

This is our back-in space at the RV park. The nice lawn and table are nice additions. The paved pad is around 75’ long which is enough to leave the tow dolly attached and still have plenty of room to park the Prius. This place is definitely on our list of nice parks even though it doesn’t have a pool. 

We are meeting with Dan after lunch to go mushroom hunting in the local mountains. 

Only 1 morel. But it was nice walking. 


  1. There is snow in the last picture... yesterday we got 30°C (86!F) in the Heidelberg area. Already too much for my taste. Things are looking up though, we got our vaccination

    1. We were surprised to run into snow. But after months in the desert, it was a nice change. The fairgrounds next door is a vaccine site and there are a lot of signs saying no appointment needed. And both the Moderna and Pfizer variants are offered. But it looked pretty empty.