Thursday, May 6, 2021

Day 53 - Redding, CA

A short driving day. From Lodi, CA, to Redding, CA. We stayed at this RV park before back in 2017 when the truck needed the clutch hydraulics replaced. This time, we arrived under our own power. I was reminded that this park had a pool though it’s a bit on the cool side, it felt wonderful after getting set up. 

We filled up with diesel again at a T/A instead of a Love’s as it had a much better discount. At $3.52/gallon (post TSD discount), it’s still on the expensive side but not as painful as yesterday. 

Tomorrow, we arrive in Medford, OR, for a few days of mooch docking. The forecast is for very moderate temperatures in Medford. That’ll be a really nice change. 

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