Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Day 52 - Lodi, CA

It was a long-ish driving day today. I looked several Harvest Host offerings but after looking at the weather for today, I opted to stay at an RV park. We stayed here before and it’s a pretty good deal with Passport America. 

After setting up, this was my destination. The pool and jacuzzi are open until 8pm. The pool was on the cool side but perfect with these temperatures. 

It was about 360 miles today but we are now over halfway to our next stay. Climbing over Tehachapi Pass, I saw 216°F on the water temperature but it was already in the high 80s (°F) outside. The fill-up in Tehachapi was one of our largest at 85gallons for $327. Ouch. California is expensive…


  1. It sure is expensive! But we have noticed that TSD discounts are not what they once were, even outside of CA!

    1. That was at a Love’s and, I hear, they have the smallest discount.

  2. They are definitely the least discount, but even TA and Petro discounts are not the great anymore. We've averaged about $50 off vs 80+ when we first got TSD. Still better than retail!