Thursday, May 13, 2021

Day 59, 60 - Corvallis, Salem to Chehalis

Wednesday (59) - The activity of the day was a visit to Schreiner’s Iris Gardens just north of Salem. My back was feeling sore so I just relaxed in the garden typing this blog post. 

Since the morning was free, I went ahead and participated in another amateur radio test. The campground WiFi seemed reasonably fast but I still ended up switching to tethering the laptop off of the iPad for the session. Verizon bandwidth was sufficient. 

Tomorrow is the last travel day for this road trip. We are heading up to the TT park near Chehalis, WA. This will be our third time at this park. Here, we will be getting the RV ready for several months of storage at a friends home nearby. A lot of cleaning and sorting. Trying to figure out what needs to be taken back to Fairbanks.  

It’s been 1 year, 8 months and 9 days to this point since the RV was driven off the lot. Or add 16 days since I left Fairbanks with the Prius. That is a better date. So 634 days.  

Thursday (60) - Another short driving day and we arrived around 12:15. It took a while to set up as the site was kind of unlevel. The back is definitely lower than the front. But, it is a full hook-up site though it is 30amps. Not really a problem since it isn’t hot and/or humid. You may notice in the picture that the car is a real mess from the drive up. A task for this afternoon. 


  1. I wonder how stationary life in Fairbanks might feel after all the roaming. Will you be back down come winter?

    1. Yes, we already have reservations at Yellowstone, Albuquerque, and Orlando. We plan to start traveling again around the end of August.