Sunday, May 23, 2021

Day 67, 68, 69, 70 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Thursday (67) - I participated in two test sessions today (everyone passed!) and made some chocolate chip cookies during the afternoon session. I am trying to empty out the refrigerator and cupboards. I think this may have been the first time I’ve ever made cookies without an electric mixer. And they turned out fine.

Friday (68) - It didn't get as warm today as I hoped but there is hope for tomorrow. I just need to get up on the roof to install vent covers for the plumbing vents. 

I got a call back from Micro-Air since the "Away" function didn't seem to work on the thermostat. It appears that the Dometic A/C units that I have don't support switching between heating and cooling modes. So the thermostat isn't able to provide that function. I kind of assumed that so it wasn't that disappointed. And it was nice to hear it from them.

Saturday (69) - It's only 46°F now at 10am but I'm still hoping for some warmer weather. If I don't get the plumbing vents changed out before heading north it's not a big deal. We had some friends in the campground over for dinner last night. Russ was the one who reseated the windshield last Fall after it popped out for the third time. He and his wife, Alex, have an annual site as they primarily split their time between here and on the Seaside on the Oregon coast.

It's now 1:30pm and it's still only 55°F. I don't think we'll see 70° today like the weather guessers said. At least it isn't raining. Right now, I'm waiting for the next test session to start. 

Sunday (70) - A cool and wet day. Nothing of significance except for continued cleaning out the cupboards. Dinner was a phenomenal steak and potato salad made with leftovers from Friday. Olive Garden bottled dressing and feta really made it delicious. Bridget drove to Corvallis to take the dogs to the vet for the health certificates required for air travel. She flies back home on Thursday with the animals. We leave the TT park on Wednesday morning. 

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