Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Day 51 - Acton, CA - TT

The power is still out in the RV park and we needed to do some laundry so the generator was turned on at noon. And, since it’s running, we may as well use the A/C plus I made a batch of rice in the Instant Pot. 

I was curious about the solar panel voltage. The specs for the panels say Vmpp is around 22VDC and Impp is 9.3amps. With three of them in series, I’m only seeing around 52VDC and 7amps. It felt like a pretty sunny day today. 

To check the third panel, I switched to the first two panels in series. Then the last two panels in series. I got the same result which means all three of the panels are fine. In Benson, the first two panels were making 350watts now 226 watts. Clearer skies in AZ maybe (less “haze”).

We ran the generator for about four hours. Tomorrow is a travel day. 

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