Sunday, May 16, 2021

Day 61, 62, 63 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Friday (61) - With all of the trees, we won't be getting much solar but then again, we are plugged into power so it really doesn’t matter beyond me playing with something new. And the Verizon at this part of the park seems to be sufficient to do the test sessions though I just got a warning that I’ve used 90% of my allotment. But, it resets either tonight or tomorrow night. So I went ahead and did both sessions. 

It’s a very pleasant 73°F this afternoon with a very light breeze. Not enough to be concerned about leaving the awning deployed. I started working on my list of what to take back to Fairbanks in the car. All of my camping gear as I may want to take the Ural out sometime. And the DMR radio gear which includes the MS Surface as the programming software is Windows only. 

Saturday (62) - This is the newest upgrade to the RV. Micro-Air came out with a programmable thermostat that works with the older Dometic CCC systems. I was looking at them last December but they didn’t have one that worked with the older systems. Installation was all of 10 minutes as wiring was a single RJ11 on the back. It connects via Bluetooth LE or WiFi to the phone for configuration and control. The little WiFi symbol indicates that it is connected to the Internet but I haven’t looked into connectivity options though I did need to create an ID on their site. 

The programming is one of the best features as it could switch between A/C and heat based on time. With the original thermostat, you had to manually switch between modes. 

We visited with friends Dave and Ginny in Centralia today. Dave made a fabulous seafood paella. Shrimp, muscles, clams, scallops, with chicken, veggies and rice. And cooked over a wood fire. Incredibly delicious!

Sunday (63) - This is the app view of the thermostat while we were away from the RV. You have full control of both zones. I like it. It would have been nice to have it integrated into HomeAssistant but this works for me. Maybe integration will come later. 

After visiting Dave and Ginny’s church, we had lunch at Olive Garden with them and some members of their family.  

The next “task” in prepping the RV for storage is plugging some of the openings where wasps frequently make nests. These are the screens over the refrigerator vents. Paper wasp nests are a common cause of fires behind RV refrigerators as there is an propane flame. 

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