Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Day 79 - Ferry

Today’s Internet is in Juneau. We arrived here at 5:30am, an hour and a half early. I hope we get into Whittier early as well. Yesterday was rain all day and, in spite of the promising view, I think rain is forecast for the rest of the week.

The Verizon signal lasted for about an hour after leaving Ketchikan. Not too bad. I met a couple of others from the RVing to Alaska 2021 FB group today. Primarily from seeing their posts. Since I’m not in an RV, I haven’t posted in that group. 

I took another half hour walk on the boat deck and selected “Outdoor Walk” on the Apple Watch. It must use the GPS on the phone as it states that I walked 9.24miles and under 4 min miles. The green is when I was walking towards the bow (in the same direction) and red was walking towards the stern. 

Lunch was simply dry salami on Triscuit crackers, a fruity granola bar, and a Granny Smith apple. More of a hiking or motorcycle trip type of lunch.  But more than adequate. 

This was the view last night around 9pm. No hint of the sun and since we were kind of in open water, there was some pitching. At least the wind and waves were from the back. Dinner was fish and chips from the cafe.

BTW, the showers on the ferry are phenomenal. Not in appearance as they are a simple SS box but the water pressure will blow you away. And this isn’t just because I’ve been in an RV for the last 20 months or so. 

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